Review paper: Measurements of Galactic Cosmic RaysReview paper:

I made a review on the “Direct Measurements of Galactic Cosmic Rays”. My review is focused is on the recent progress in the measurements of cosmic rays in space in the 3rd millennium. How it is started? How it’s going? So little time, so much to do.

How it started. . . how it’s going. A timeline of the accomplished, ongoing, and planned experiments of direct CR detection in space (yellow) or on stratospheric balloons (red) in the present millennium. Courtesy of Alberto Oliva.

This paper is a write-up of the invited review talk I gave at ECRS2022, the 27th European Cosmic Ray Symposium, 25-29 July 2022 – Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

The PDF of the paper can be download from here: arXiv:2301.10255.
The slides of the talk can be downloaded from here.

Title: Direct Measurements of Galactic Cosmic Rays.
Abstract: This paper reviews recent progress in the field of direct measurements of Galactic cosmic rays. High-statistic measurements of cosmic ray energy spectra, chemical and isotopic composition, and the rare antimatter components have been made using large particle physics experiments operating in space. The recent results are discussed in relation to our understanding of the origin of cosmic rays, the open questions, and the challenges for future experiments of direct detection.