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XSCRC-2019 Workshop: Cross sections for Cosmic Rays @ CERN

Cosmic-ray (CR) physics in the GeV-TeV range has entered a precision era with recent data from space-based experiments. However, the poor knowledge of nuclear reactions (production of antimatter and secondary nuclei) limits the information that can be extracted from these data (source properties, transport in the Galaxy, indirect searches for dark matter).

The first edition of this workshop was held in 2017 (XSCRC17, see indico pages here). Its goal, bringing together different communities (CR theorists, CR experimentalists, nuclear and particle physicists), was to review theoretical motivations for CR studies, new CR data, and how the modelling of CRs crucially depends on nuclear reactions. The workshop was also strongly aimed at presenting current efforts and discussing forthcoming perspectives for particle/nuclear measurement campaigns.

This second edition will review the advances made in the last two years, and highlight some results obtained thanks to collaborations started during the first edition. We also hope that this edition will further strengthen these emergent synergies, taking advantage of the complementarity and know-how in different communities: the challenges that pose the interpretation of high-precision CR data can only be undertaken with a collective and coordinated effort. Here is the Indico page of the workhop.

In the figure: a few slides from my presentation at the XSCRC workshop.

Workhop: Light Anti-Nuclei as a Probe for New Physics (LAN2019)

In recent years, increased efforts were spent towards the detection of antimatter in space, such as positrons and antiprotons in Galactic cosmic rays. This workshop focuses on the next milestone in cosmic-ray physics, that is the detection of antideuteron or antihelium nuclei by the present or next generation of space instruments: a challenging but promising avenue in the search for new physics. The goal of this workshop is to bring together scientists from different fields, from astroparticle to nuclear physics, to discuss about the experimental challenges and the theoretical implications of the detection of antinuclei in Galactic cosmic radiation.